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Doctors Ain't God

Today on the day of Doctor's, we as a whole team want to thank each one of you for choosing us and keeping faith in us. Moreover, we are thankful for let us serve you. Since childhood, we have this idea glorified that doctors are another avatar of "GOD". While taking the pledge we are taught to treat our patients with compassion and give our best while serving them. When a patient comes to us, they believe that we can cure them and give re-life. When a child is fumbling in his high-fever, his mother believes and come to us crying, believing that, we will fight with death for her son's life. This idea of glorifying doctors 'next to god', puts a pile of responsibilities on our shoulders. Responsibilities of keeping up with the patients' expectations, expectations of giving happy news every time we come out from the operation theatre. But, as a human, we have obligations, obligations of accepting the limitation of medical science, accepting the limitations of fate and most importantly, accepting the limitations of BEING HUMAN. We respect and appreciate the image you put on us but We are ordinary humans who are dedicated to serve you and stand beside you at your worst. We do feel agitated just like you when we see some of the members of our fraternity are doing immoral practices. Being a doctor it is our duty to give our best foot forward to serve a patient rather than punishing immoral people and maintain righteousness. So, next time onwards, when you see a doctor before considering him a GOD, consider him a "HUMAN" first.

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